Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training
KA2-Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Programme: Erasmus+ / Call 2015
Project duration: 1.9.2015 – 31.8.2017

erazmus stena

Project background
Living walls are a positive component for the challenges of urban living and urban climate mitigation through the use of plants, both ornamental and edible. There are environmental and economic benefits to exterior and interior living walls such as thermal insulation, energy consumption reduction, air quality improvement, water resource management and overall well-being.

The general aim of the project is to provide a quality assurance approach to construction and maintenance of living walls through a European credit system recognising skills and qualifications for vocational education and training, (VET) through European reference tools.

Project partners will carry out a survey of industry and academic participants.  Knowledge, skills and competences will be identified to determine training needs for a qualified workforce to build and maintain living walls.

The University of Greenwich will analyse the results and together with Humko d.o.o.  will develop contents for a new and innovative educational module for students and in-service teacher training  involving  living walls.

The module will be incorporated into existing formal VET educational programmes,  e.g. horticulture, gardening, landscaping, nature preservation, agriculture etc.,  to bridge the gap between labour market demand and existing education.

During the project, exterior and interior living walls will be built as teaching and learning units at three VET centres:  Hadlow College (U.K.), Biotehniški center Naklo (Slovenia), and AOC Groningen (Netherlands).

Developed e-learning material and other project results will be published and available on the VALOR EU platform at the end of the project and on partners’ websites.

The “Vertical Plant Life” project partnership is made of 5 partners. All the partners work in close relation with horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, gardening, nature preservation and renewable energy with different but complementary expertise, thus guaranteeing the development of the synergies needed to achieve project objectives. 

Leading organisation:
1. Biotehniški center Naklo, Strahinj, Slovenija,

Project manager:
Martina Kramarič
phone: +386 4 277 21 01 or +386 51 455 946

2. University of Greenwich, London,United Kingdom,
3. Humko d.o.o., Sebenje, Bled, Slovenija,
4. Hadlow College, Hadlow, United Kingdom,
5. AOC Terra Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands,