Veggy Wall

Humko Veggy Wall has a frame made of brushed wood, MDF panels or stainless steel. The panel is made of superior ABS material in different colours, decorations and hydroprint. The panel is filled by a rockwool plate for the rear drainage part, and growing holes are filled by the mineral substrate Vulkahum Mix 70.

Humko Veggy has its own water reservoir of 3.5 litres, water pump, water level gauge, humidity sensor and microprocessor that waters by the preset humidity. In the tank, water is added with a water-soluble fertilizer and a few drops of an organic acid and chlorine against algae. The first watering saturates the rockwool by the Humko Hydro Starter fertilizer. When adding water, make sure that the water is not poured on the floor.

The panel has 26 holes for planting of 6 cm. In the bottom part there are planted those plants that require more water

Humko Veggy The wall is a vertical garden as a green tapestry for planting of the favourite plants, which we have in our vicinity, there can likewise be planted medical plants and spices, which are always available at home. Weggy Wall is a designer piece that can be combined in a number of different combinations of frames, panels and decoration panel.


Humko Veggy Wall carbon Green wall panel