Humko Veggy has its own water reservoir of 50 litres, water pump, water level gauge, humidity sensor and microprocessor that waters by the preset moisture. In the panel there are two tubes with integrated emitters, one for the front part and the other for the rear part of the drainage.

The panel has 25 holes for planting of 8 cm and 6 holes of 5 cm. At the bottom those plants are planted that require more water.


Humko Veggy is a vertical garden for tenants in settlements that do not have a garden. In a small vertical gardens there can be grown seasonal vegetables, herbs, spices or ornamental plants. Due to the built-in wheels, Veggy can be simply removed from the sun, shade and other weather conditions.
 Humko Veggy is made of HDPE roto plastics.  There are several colours at your disposal from green, black, white, granite gray, terracotta and colours by order. The panel is filled by a stone wool plate for the rear drainage part, and growing holes are filled by the mineral substrate Vulkahum Mix 70 or crumbs of stone wool. The panel bottom is filled with drainage expanded clay or lava.