Soft Shell


In the world there most frequently appears a green wall with two layers of felt attached to a waterproof panel. This system is relatively inexpensive but has disadvantages in case of interrupted water, transplanting and aesthetics. Therefore, we have joined classics with our patented double-layer system, modular joining and our design and created the Humko Soft Shell panel.

Cost-effective solution In view of a wider application of green walls we have developed an economically convenient panel, which has a patented Humko solution of double substrate system and model. The panel is manufactured in the automotive industry of the top non-woven textile. It is made of three layers of which the last is waterproof. In the last chamber there is built in a plate of stone wool or pressed mineral substrate, which is used to transport water with nutrients and root development. The front layer is originally produced in black, gray and green color. The panels are hung like other Humko panels programme, and it also applies to the irrigation system.

Humko Soft Shell green wall panel
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