Urban planting

For a higher quality of urban planting, we present Green Ring which is used to plant tress and also maintain them later. They are available in different sizes and with different equipment as follows in the description.

green ring planting ring

Product overview



GREEN.RING is a planting ring – a simple and useful dual mulch solution for your treasured trees and plants.
The ring can also serve as a flower bed, primarily intended to liven up higher level lawns.

Nowadays, a large part of the modern world is developing the sense and the need for a higher level of horticultural arrangement, both for external and internal environments.
More and more people prefer to have the surroundings in which they live, work, relax, have fun, etc. aesthetically and functionally arranged also from a horticultural point of view.
The professional planting ring was developed with the aim of maintaining lawns (mowing, aeration, etc.) without damaging valuable trees. In order to be able to use lighter mulch (bark, decorative straw, etc.), a second ring was added to the outer edge of the first, which allows the use of heavier and harder mulch. The ring of heavier mulch thus prevents the lighter mulch from being blown away during mowing. By using different colour combinations of mulch, a great visual effect is achieved that livens up the lawn and plantings.

The primary goal in developing the product was to provide a professional and at the same time simple and rough planting design/decorative ring with a very wide range of applications, from high end lawns and parks to home gardening. Consideration was also given to the fact that the product should not be geographically (too) restricted and that it should be usable in most climate zones.

In addition to high end lawns, parks, cemeteries, decorative and herbal gardens, GREEN.RING can also be used in urban environments, such as city centres, streets, parking lots, interiors (shopping malls). GREEN.RING can easily be used for home gardening projects, too.

GREEN.RING is available in four standard dimensions from 600 to 1200mm in 200mm increments.

• dual mulch solution
• draining for external veils
• levelling and anchoring system
• electrical conduit pipe
• preparation for all water fittings

All GREEN.RING accessories are available in at least two different types, for larger and smaller trees/plantings.
GREEN.RING accessories list:
• irrigation system for trees
• irrigation system for flower beds
• pressure regulator
• automatic fertilising system
• discreet lighting system
• electronic humidity sensor
• ultrasonic animal repellent
• inductive loops for robotic lawn mowers
• vole infestation protection systems (depths from 20 to 50cm)
• system for preplanted trees (single joint for smaller trees and double joint for larger trees)
• support rod holders
• support rods
• root ball anchors
• stone cover ring (for GREEN.RING 10 and 12)
• felt covers for weed protection
• protective metal stiffening ring for installation of the protective grill in urban environments
• protective grill for urban environments

GREEN.RING planting rings are made of environmentally-friendly 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), distinguished by very good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. The density of PE-HD allows simple transportation of the product and easy installation. Additional UV stabilizers provide excellent resistance to weathering and slow down aging. Pigments are added to the individual rings to allow different colouring of the ring and further retard aging.

The wall of the GREEN.RING planting ring consists of profiled outer and smooth inner layers. The layers are joined by extrusion welding to form a homogeneous wall. The outer corrugated layer improves the ring stiffness and at the same time allows the use of heavier mulch. Low thermal conductivity coefficient prevents the evaporation of water from the inside of the ring. All connections are made by welding a hot wire from PE-HD, which ensures trouble-free recycling of used rings.

Characteristics of planting rings:
• material density> 0.945 g / cc
• elasticity modulus > 800 N / mm ²
• thermal conductivity coefficient from 0.35 to 0.40 W / mK
• ring stiffness SN> = 4 kN / m 2 (EN ISO 9969)

GREEN.RING has practically no location restrictions. The product is generally used throughout the world, to a reasonable latitude for outdoor use, of course.
Due to professional watering performance, GREEN.RING is particularly suitable for use at the most prestigious locations in arid climates/regions of the world.

GREEN.RING is easy to install and easily adapted to various types of terrain.
GREEN.RING is a user and environmentally friendly product. Most importantly, GREEN.RING is a highly cost effective product.
All elements of GREEN.RING are robust, simple and easy to install, which certainly lowers cost of installation.

GREEN.RING has a 5-year warranty for the ring itself and a 1-year warranty for all fittings and components.

Beside the planting in the parks GREEN.RING is appropriate for practicaly all planting in urban areas.
Green areas of high maintenance
 luxury landscaping of private residences, luxury landscaping around buisness buildings, hotels, restaurants..,public parks,

 inner courtyards, etc.
 Urban areas
 old town,
 parking places,
 indoor planting, ambient arrangments (planting in shooping centres, amusement parks),

Standard dimensions of planting rings:
o GreenR 6 – diameter 600 mm
o GreenR 8 – diameter 800 mm
o GreenR 10 – diameter 1000 mm
o GreenR 12 – diameter 1200 mm

Basic equipment of planting rings:
 double edges for intermediate mulch,
 drenage of intermadiate mulch,
 supports for leveling and anchoring of planting ring,
 the passage of electrical tube Ø20 mm and
 the preparation for the coupling of irrigation equipment.

Additional equipment
 Lighting of the tree 220V
  - A version; LED lamp 1W for smaller trees and flower beds,
  - B version; LED lamp 4W for larger trees,
• lamp holder
Water reservoar and irrigation system
 irrigation system for flower bed,
• irrigation system for tree,
 combination of both systems,
 pressure regulator,
 moisture sensor.

Connector for garden hose
• connector typ A
 connector typ B
 Spiral hose 10m with a garden hose sprayer

Protection against vole
• 20 cm deep
 35 cm deep
 50 cm deep

System for existing trees
 single connection
• double connection

Leveling supports
 typ A
 typ B

Holders of tree stakes
• for stakes Ø 60 mm
 for stakes Ø 80 mm (option for GR12)

The underground tree anchoring system
 typ A
typ B

High frequency protection of animal urination
 typ A

Stone ring in different colors of stones and finishing
• for ring GreenR 10
for ring GreenR 12

Mulching mate against weed in inner ring
for ring GreenR 6
for ring GreenR 8
for ring GreenR 10
for ring GreenR 12

Protective metal ring for installing in urban areas
for ring GreenR 6
for ring GreenR 8
for ring GreenR 10
for ring GreenR 12

Metal grid for inner ring (option custom made cut)
for ring GreenR 6
for ring GreenR 8
for ring GreenR 10
for ring GreenR 12


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