Humko Flat panels have different final layers of processing. Basically, we offer panels in different basic colours. Besides, we offer a final layer with lamination of certain decorations as veneer, metal, marble and the like. The highest level is processing with 3D hydrographics by which we decorate panels in more than 2,000 different imitations veneer, stone, carbon fibres and different designs. With different finishes Humko green walls may be used for each classic or design interior as well as external architectural solutions, display panels and similar

Humko Flat panel has been developed at the request of architects of the green wall to be architectonically harmonious with a facade. We designed a flat panel with  a niche towards the rear. The flat panel can be used for urban solutions where already at planning there are looked for specific green areas in the green architecture. In this regard Humko Flat green wall can be incorporated in the construction, but not as a retrofit. Due to the aesthetic appearance the panels may remain unplanted or may be used occasionally (seasonal vegetables or decoration).

Hmko Flat panel