Family company

We support green architecture with ASCON & EKENS system of green walls. ASCON supports aseismic construction and is part of the system for the earthquake safe construction - Developed by Humko Bled Company. We have introduced a unique panel made of a durable plastic panel or polyester with a layer of high quality gloss paint in any desired RAL colour. ASCON panel is a multifunctional standardized panel that is easy to install as: - Standard facade panel in the desired colour - Vertical carpet of vegetables / herbs - Vertical wall of decorative plants - Noise barrier on highways and other areas exposed to noise - Green wall with double underground water irrigation and system of heating / cooling; - Device for purification of gray water by using plants in the vertical wall - Green wall in combination with photovoltaic panels. - Active insulation of facades with groundwater circulation. - It also performs heating / cooling of planted surfaces that help plants grow in warm summer and cold winter temperatures. - Anti-sound wall / facade filled by Fonaterm flock, rock wool or Lecca material.